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  • Very tight competition at ring games
  • The traffic at PokerStars' tournaments and ring games is the highest in the poker industry. At peak hours, the traffic currently reaches 70,000-120,000 real money tournament & ring game players

    Table Re-sizing
    Ever wish you could make your PokerStars game screen larger or shrink the table down to let you view more than one table at once? Now you can, PokerStars now offers a re-sizing option that allows you to change your game screen size and even save your favorite settings for later
    Player Statistics
    Am I seeing the flop too often? How many hands did I fold on 4th Street? Playing too tight in the big blind? These are questions we all ask ourselves at the table, but what a tedious process it is to actually figure out the answers.
    At PokerStars, we'll take on the task of tracking various statistical data for your Internet poker play. Any time you want this data, we'll e-mail it right to your inbox. You can also view statistics accumulated during your current session right at the table. Your statistical data is available to you and you alone. Note that as we do not archive play money or freeroll poker tournament hand histories, this information is unavailable for those poker games.
    Table Focus Choices
    Perhaps you like to play many tables at once, and want our software to pop your cursor to the table where your next action is. No problem - that's the default behavior. But maybe you like to instant-message your friends while you're playing at a table and don't want us to grab your cursor away from your IM window. That's not a problem either. In our main lobby window, select Options -> Advanced Multi-table Options, and then un-check the box that says "Popup table whenever user action is required". Thereafter, we'll let you move the cursor to the table.
    New PokerStars themes are here! Choose from several new looks including: Shiny, Marine, Stars, Saloon, Renaissance and Hyper-Simple
    Internet Poker Player Images
    No longer are your fellow Internet player’s just text and an infernal blinking light. As poker players ourselves, we know how important it is to be able to recognize the faces at your table. That's why at PokerStars, you have the option of selecting a personalized image to represent you

    Texas Hold'em (Limit, No Limit, Pot Limit), Omaha (Limit, Pot Limit), Omaha Hi/Lo (Limit, Pot Limit), Seven Card Stud (Limit, Pot Limit), Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo (Limit, Pot Limit), Five Card Stud (Limit, Pot Limit), 2-7 Triple Draw (Limit, No Limit, Pot Limit), H.O.R.S.E (Limit Pot Limit).

    Table stakes Limit Table, $0.02/$0.04 bis $1000/$2000
    Table stakes Pot Limit, No Limit Table, $0.01/$0.02 bis $200/$400

    Poker Stars Support can be reached by e-mail only but is very fast and competent.



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